Our Roots

There are more than 1.6 million nonprofit corporations in the United States alone. Whereas many of these corporations exist and do an excellent job of the work they have set out to do, most have a very difficult time raising support in the form of financial capital. More than 75% of all these nonprofits operate on less than $100,000 per year. Organizations that have to spend time on one-time donations are stuck in a rut of fund raising each month, leaving less time to do the work that they desire to do. In researching a few local organizations in Southern California, the consensus is that a monthly income stream over a long period of time is unusual and beneficial. One respondent said, “A monthly pledge or grant that pays consistently over a few years is like the Holy Grail”. By relieving the burden of fundraising from our partners, they can focus on the work of delivering on their intended missions.

In 2021, Seed and Soil Foundation was incorporated and granted tax exempt status. It’s name is inspired by the parable of a mustard seed, which was planted in a garden. Over time, this smallest of all seeds grew into a tree that brings refuge, rest and life to all created things. In the same way, at Seed and Soil Foundation, our seed is financial capital and soil are the partners in which our grants are planted. Over a long period of time, these seeds will grow into refuge, rest and life for underserved groups. Seed and Soil Foundation exists to create long term financial partnerships with other nonprofits that benefit the social trajectory of society’s underserved groups through the forms of education, work and delivering basic needs.

Our Branches

Seek out 501(c)3 organizations that already have programs in place that match Seed and Soil Foundation mission.  Have organizations apply for a Seed and Soil Foundation Grant.

Through your generous donations, we are able to fund grants to applying organizations. 

Through an extensive application process, Seed and Soil Foundation will award grants to qualifying organizations to carry on their work.

We will work on sustainable funding of Seed and Soil Foundation Grants through an ever-growing endowment fund.